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A psychotic furry (who is a japanese tumblr fag) who grooms underage furs. They often spout out stale memes and try to pass off their horrible behavior as being "le funny". When being told that dating someone who is between the ages of 13-16 they are quick to say they did nothing wrong and you have no proof. They usually already a boyfriend who seems to know nothing of this and still dates her.
They also like it when their 13 yr old victim wants to rape them,yet don't like it when other people joke about rape or ask them about it. They are usually attention whores and ban people from their server when they hog the attention.
They need you to feed their ego or they will go apeshit. If they don't win an argument, they'll slit their wrists and cry about it to their whiteknights. They're also a massive control freak and love to be above all the rest.
They are also known to back stab people who are nice to them and always by their side, no matter what and would post their 'lewd' pictures into a public chat for a certain 13 yr old to see.
They dropped out of college to work full time at a Walmart and use their GoFundMe page to pay people into being their so called "close friends" just to make it seem like theyre popular.
"Man, I heard Kouma was ERPing with another underage furry in her DMs again."
"Kouma cheats on older dudes with younger men!"
"That Kouma is always backstabbing other people!"
"Remember when Kouma posted those nsfw pictures in the chat for that kid to see? Yeah, me neither."
by alsoser September 15, 2018
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I couldn’t care less (but one must keep up appearances, right?)
Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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A furry MAP (Minor Attracted Person) that people defend for some fucking reason. She's also a male now because being trans is hip and cool now.

She's also Digby the goat's ex girlfriend
"Man, what happened to Kouma?"
"She's always been like this, buddy"
by sucymanbavaranismywife October 10, 2018
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It is both everything and nothing at the same time. Remember when you found that disgusting substance stuck to the bottom of your shoe? It was because you stepped in Koumas. That creepy guy who sat behind you in math class and had that weird body odor? Thats the smell of Koumas. Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K. and Matt Lauer? They tried to get women to touch their Koumas. The girl who rejected you six years ago at the bar? It was because you had some Koumas on your face.
Oh god I got some Koumas on my leg. No one will ever love me now!
by Koumaslover69 November 30, 2017
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