verb. When a love triangle consisting of two girls fighting over a boy is resolved by two girls deciding to forget about the boy and get together with each other. From the popular cartoon The Legend of Korra, where that's exactly what happened.
Shelly and Tina totally korrasamied. Last month they were both fighting over Jake. I cant believe they're dating now!
by starlordzuko January 12, 2015
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The best ship in the Legend Of Korra world. Also a same sex couple with the two people (Korra and Asami). Ship Korrasami for clear skin 😌
"Makorra sucks!"
"Yea I totally agree dude. Korrasami is ENDGAME!"
by tophs eyesight November 01, 2020
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To "Pull a Korrasami" is referring to show runners unexpectedly pairing up two main characters in the show into a gay relationship with each other. The phrase resulted from show runners on the animated series "The Legend of Korra" pairing up the female characters Korra and Asami at the very end of the show, surprising their audience with the unexpected outcome.
A: I really hope that the Voltron Legendary Defender writers will be pulling a Korrasami!
B: Boi have you seen the new season? It's just queer baiting.
by idk man 27 August 11, 2018
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