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The process in which it takes an extra hour to do anything.

It also incurrs that the person who is "late", (in quotes as they are only following kootenay time, not late as others may say) also lives in the beautiful area surrounded by the rocky montains called "the Kootenays"

The airy nature of the residents is probably due to the gorgeous surroundings they are inhabited in so they really don't care about the rest of the world ; they are on Kootenay time.
Stoner1: Hey budday! I need that bag quick I'm getting low!

Kootenay1: K but I'm with my bong you better put me on Kootenay time!
by savfromthekoots March 27, 2010
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A small corner of British Columbia known as the Kootenays, in which the work day starts at around 10AM, and ends at exactly 4:20
Frequently both people and projects are known to be behind schedule, and the common excuse of being " on Kootenay time" is both accepted and expected in the area.
Supervisor: Dude, have you seen Mike? This drywall was supposed to be finished yesterday!

Coworker: don't sweat it bud, he's just on Kootenay time!
by Dez4prez August 07, 2016
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It's all about the easy going, stress free, slow pace of life in the Kootenay area. Where a given time is merely a ballpark figure. Take time, slow down, enjoy the view, smile, chat with a stranger, stop and smell the roses, do whatever makes you happy and don't ever rush it....not for anyone.
Wife: "would you hurry up and get ready! We need to be in town by 7:00!"

Husband: "Relax babe, we're on Kootenay time, we'll get there eventually"
by Rootsrock September 11, 2016
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