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Very high quality pussy. A beautiful, sexy woman who's had very few sexual partners but is without a doubt amazing in bed. Quite likely has a snapback vagina that is very well maintained and clean. Koontash is very difficult to get in bed but is always worth the effort. The opposite of koontash is poontang.
"That foxy lady over there, now that's what I call koontash!"

"I'm tired of poontang, I need me some quality koontash."

"That girl had that koontash pussy."
by Big Daddy636 October 31, 2013
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A word describing an extreme orgasm. Usually reserved for squirters and the use of a cock ring. Mainly had during the best sexual experiance of your life and the life of your forefathers.
Last night I finally reached a koontash experiance. This bitch was like Niagra Falls and she drowned to death by my enormous load. It was by far the most extreme koontash ever recorded.
by Dodge Ridgestone October 13, 2009
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