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Someone who rambles about nothing, and loves ellipses when he is using IRC chat in #Zenvera on freenode. They'll tell you about all the dumb shit they did, and then rage at you when you judge them.
21:59 <Koncept> mushrooms are my least favorite of the psycahdelics.
21:59 <Koncept> not clean enough... always make me feel like I have a stomach ache (as fungus should)
22:00 <Chat guy> well
22:00 <Chat guy> they literally poison you
22:00 <Chat guy> and the hallucination is your body fighting the poison
22:00 <Chat guy> they never made me sick or anything though
22:00 <Chat guy> just giggly
22:01 <Chat guyt> Thats what I'm saying... my least favorite of the psychedelics... (but still a favorite of mine)
22:01 * Chat Guy shrugs
22:01 <Chat guy> i'm not doing anything illegal anymore :P
22:01 <Koncept> Some good LSD on the other hand... I'll buy a sheet and disapear for a month... coming back a better man.
22:02 <Koncept> Letting the law/other people dictate your life is wack.
22:02 <Koncept> But... to each his own.
22:02 <Chat guy> well
22:02 <Koncept> I'd much rather be guided by my morals/own personal opinion of right and wrong
22:02 <Koncept> than the law.
22:02 <Koncept> That's for damn sure.
22:02 <Chat guy> being an adult with responsibilities
22:02 <Chat guy> i don't have much choice
22:02 <Koncept> Are you implying I'm not an adult with responsibilities?
22:03 <Chat guy> possibly
22:03 <Koncept> definitely
22:03 <Koncept> and you're fucking wrong... as shit. But; whatever.
by Milos_ January 03, 2014
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