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A social media bot designed to obtain kompromat on a person. Most bots display a fake persona of a semi-nude women and target random users by following them, sending them a friend request, or commenting on their posts. The bots encourage their victims to send them explicit messages or lude photos of themselves, which are stored in a database and used against the victim if the owners/operators of the bot ever wish to extort them. Some bots direct the victim to a 3rd-party website, where their credentials are stolen. The bots are normally of Russian origin.
Tom: "Yo man, this hot babe Natasha added me as a friend and says she wants me to send her a picture of my dick! Should I do it?"

Jeff: "Nah, don't do it. That's not a real person, that's just a komprobot."
by Sknarf September 25, 2018
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