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kogaru or also kogyaru.

japanese girls with tanned skin and dyed hair, usually wearing colorful stuff and extensive makeup.

the term originates from the japanese mispronunciation of "callgirl".

an acronym for this is "ganguro" which means like "blackface" in japanese.
look at that kogaru over there...
(straightforward as one would expect)
by hotzenplotz May 10, 2004
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Ahh...the dyed yellow hair, the big socks, the bleeding-edge mobile phone. We all love Kogals, those young Japanese schoolies who hang around in gangs everywhere from Osaka to Oxford. It makes life just that little bit easier to take, watching them with their Badtz Maru handbags and Domo-kun Alice bands.
'Did you see the legs on that Kogaru? Like a bloody elephants...'
by Miles Pieri January 20, 2004
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