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/nōmsān/ -v A way to spell/say "know what I'm saying?" when asking someone if they understand the message you are trying to convey.
J-Roc: "Knomesane errbody walkin on the face of the earth tryna judge the J-Roc, knomesane? Sknomesane? But I ain't shook cuz mofuckas tryna take me out but they can't, knomesane?"

Dude: "You're sayin "knomesane" too many times - eighty, ninety times? That's too many times. Once or twice is cool, but eighty or ninety times, man?"

J-Roc: "What are you from the department of 'knomesanes'?"

youtube: "know what i'm sayin?"
by 369damnyoufine November 29, 2011
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