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An adjective defining the feeling a man has after receiving an incredibly glorious blow-job, in which the woman usually swallows his load hungrily and smiles, maybe laughs or even giggles about the swallowage.

Can be used in other arenas as well, not just pertaining to 'post-B.J.' situations. Usually in reference to expectations of a chick or group of chicks by a group of guys in a bar or other venue where alcoholic beverages are purveyed.
Girl: 'Glug, glug, glug, slurp....smack'
Guy: 'Wow, babe, that was soooooo fuckin' knob-slobberific!'
Girl: 'For me too! Thanks for the protein-shake! Yummy and salty!'

Buddy #1: 'Those chicks look kinda knob-slobberific, bro!'
Buddy #2: 'Yeah, except for the chick with the pancake-tits and horse-teeth'
Buddy #3: 'Soooo right, man, those teeth could grate cheese'
by coozehound72 August 17, 2010
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