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A generalization for the certain type of girl that usually shops at more trndy/natural stores, cares about the environment, plays music, has a strong interest in the arts, enjoys knitting and other such things, listens to regina spektor and other indie bands, wears cardigans, legwarmers, peasant dresses and ballet flats. Also a product of 3rd wave feminism, not afraid to embrace the girly side.
hipster 1: "I met this knitcore chick today at urban outfitters and we're going to the damien rice show a little later on, I totally dig her."

hipster 2: "Cool"

knitcore girl: "soooo, i knitted you this scarf, and made you this mix cd with some of the new feist, and also sketched this idea for a new t-shirt for your band."

knitcore boyfriend: "Thanks"
by anthropologierox February 18, 2008
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