I take care of my knashers regularly, but they are pretty poor
by Andrew Olgado November 22, 2007
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Someone that is a specky cunt and has no friends, usually joins in with things that you haven't asked them to do like butting into conversations or turning up to things that they weren't invited to. And has MASSIVE fucking teeth. This is a direct link with having massive 'knashers', glasses and being an annoying cunt. This usually occurs with someone that has a really overused and generic name like Jack, Callum or David.
*tries to insult you with his massive knashers knowledge*
"Fuck off ya specky buck toothed massive knashers rabbit." Or the occasionally
"Can you get Sky Sports on they Knashers?" or if you want to really piss them off go for...

"Goin eat some carrots ya specky cunt and take yer Shan patter and loneliness with you ya rabbit fuck"
by ChickenWing69 December 16, 2015
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