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A totally awesome person, often times with piercing eyes that see through the soul. Very intelligent, can use it to his advantage and do a lot of good or to his disadvantage and create destruction. He wears sex appeal on his sleeve and is irresistible. Not for the faint of hearts!!!
Girl1: Look at that guy over there.

Girl2: OMG girl, that's Kleon. He doesn't go for sluts like you though.
Girl1: :(
by Minotavros June 10, 2014
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Kleon Is a special guy if you ever meet a guy called kleon you will fall in love he is such a fun and awesome guy who will always make you laugh. He will be the best boyfreind you will ever have KEEP HIM HE IS LOYAL!!
OMG look its kleon he's so sexy and loyal
by Classicgamerabc July 20, 2018
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