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kleogyny (klee AH juh nee) the height or distinct honor related to womenhood; the emotional response specific to a mother who separates from her daughter, sister, or female friend; the response a female has when she observes another female separating from her daughter, sister, or female friend; the contrary to the assignment of women's value to goods and services; emerging vernacular borne of feminism pertaining to reshaping Western ethnography. kleogynic adj; kleogyn (klee AH jine) noun; antonym: women's correctional facility.
The kleogyny was a little heavy-handed in Episode 10 of the Handmaid's Tale. Now I have to buy more tissues!
My kleogynic supervisor granted me permission to leave work early because I had painful menstrual cramps and nausea.
My breakup was painful, but it granted me the kleogyn I always sought after; now I could to seek the life I deserved.
My kleogyn-deficient plumber asked for the man of the house when he knocked on my door.
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by suefury June 20, 2018
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