Klahowya Secondary School consists of grades 7-12. It's a part of the Central Kitsap School District, located in Silverdale, WA but everyone agrees that it's basically Seabeck. School mascot is an eagle. Not as big a population as surrounding schools but still pretty tight. Beautiful architecture and awesome teachers, for the most part. Not as snooty as CK or Oly. Kids who go here are usually pretty cool.
Bobby: wow those kids are mighty sexy.
Timmy: yes they are. they must be klahowya kids.
by iyazoo October 27, 2009
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a school. ppl consist of 7 main roups=

1.The Scary Homicidal PPL(emo)-the kids who are always talking about the mayan calander and shit.

2. The MommaShoppers-the kids who still get dressed by their mom. The "nerds".

3. The IQ nonsexuals-the ppl who are so obsessed with their brains they lose all hope for a partner EVER

4. The Normal ppl-the kids who just wanna be left alone. they arent popular, but they arent donkeys either. Respect!

5. The Jocks-the sports freaks

6. The MarchingBanders-these kids may seem like the weirdos at times, but theyre badass and have enof friends to take u out. watch out

7. The ZumiezHomiez-ppl who go shopping like every week and always have new DC/Osiris/Dakine/whatever else clothing. naturally good hearted and funny

The teachers go from good/fabulous-devil. Kids go from satanic-cool. If you go to klahowya, you kno what im talking about. ;)
Klahowya Cliques-
1. "hey u wanna see me blow up this fake model of the earth?" "sure ya only if you watch me blow up this model of you." "ok"

2."Hey you wanna check out my WOW level 4oo billion at my house?"

"No, im not allowed at other ppls houses. too much dust, im alergic. anyway, ur a noob and id PWN u"

3."Hey you wanna date me?"
"eww no i cant afford to waste my life on love and friendship"

4. "Hey how r u?"

5."Hey wanna go to the mall?"
"No, i have about 6 baseball/swimming practices after school"

6."Hey, where's my flute????"
"Up your ass"

7."Hey whaz happenin burrito?"
"brada you suck in a good way"
by Me>then the Haterz11123 July 10, 2009
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