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The string "kjugaschambers" (kju gas chambers) was used in a hack of the 2012 online readers' choice for Time Magazine's Person of the Year Award. Originally started on IRC and popularized on 4chan, the poll was initially hacked to place Kim Jong Un at the top of the list. Having achieved this, hackers then proceeded to vote other people into place to spell out "kjugaschambers" with the first letter of each person's name.

This 2012 hack follows the original 2009 hack of Time Magazine's online poll, where Moot (Christopher Poole, 4chan's founder) was voted the Person of the Year, and the first letter of each name spelled out marblecakealsothegame (marblecake also the game).
Did you hear Kim Jong Un was voted person of the year?

Everyone heard about that already, newfag; did you hear about kjugaschambers?
by Anon32514 March 13, 2013
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