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kiwiman is a person from New Zealand and is refered to as a kiwiman due to being a New Zealander and a male.
Kiwiman's are a smart species and almost always know what they are talking about. Kiwiman's can tend to get annoyed by certain people of online communitys (see flamin)

Kiwiman's are also (when not annoyed) a chilled out and friendly species and are generally helpful, with some sarcasm every now and then.
"Hey I was just speaking to a Kiwiman, he was really helpful and was quite funny too"

"Hey, its Kiwiman!"
by Anon Kiwi January 15, 2010
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A creature born in Mount Fruticus and is seen as a symbol for saving humanity. They operate down under (but aren"/ very good) as well as New Zealand and Australia. As little kiwites they are a little fuzzy. Extremely flat-earthed (even though they are round) and have a general tendancy to become...furry. That's furry and not A furry. Big difference that not many understand :(.
Emperor Zuchinii: you have come far, kiwi man, but I must reject you your powers.

Kiwi-man: what? Why?

Emperor Zuchinii: You have become a furry .

Kiwi-man (as he is being dragged away by cucumber guards): NO NOOO I CAN EXPLAIN. NOOOOOO

(A door slams, lights fade out, in the distance a crow squaks)
by Ma9'rooba69 June 11, 2018
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