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Site full of small-minded, trendy pricks whose lives are pre-occupied with brand names and wasting money (theirs or daddys) on over-priced tat. They subsitute a personality for brand names, and the idea that they look uber cool, when in fact they all look like dumb fashion victims and have the personality of a used tampon. They'd buy a sack of cow shit if it had a Gucci or Dior badge sewn on to it.

God forbid should anyone dislike something that's very popular on this site. Should you do, you'll be classed as 'bitter', 'twisted' and any other ridiculous insult (if you'll call it that).

If one does venture to visit this site, you should try to agree with EVERYTHING the members say and you SHOULD like everything that they do.

I'd highly recommend you give it a wide berth though, and go visit StyleForum where the members actually know what they're on about and for the mostpart despise fashion and trendy shite in favour of smart dress and quality timeless casual style.
KitMeOut member: Check out these Gucci sneakers only Β£300. Think I might get them. What do you all think?

Note: (S)he's not asking for constructive criticism or opinions, nor would (s)he accept it/them, he simply wants everyone to confirm how cool (s)he, what great taste (s)he has, and how much they envy of him/her.

Normal person: You must be mad to want to spend over Β£50 on them gaudy pieces of crap!

KitMeOut member: You're just jealous, angry, bitter and these sneakers are the best quality ever. Bla bla bla.. more crap bla bla...

Normal person: Says who? Their marketing department? Gullible or what? Dolt! Gucci must have seen you dolts coming.. *laughs*
by mind your business May 19, 2008
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