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A beautiful name for a beautiful person .

She , without a doubt is the most caring and wittiest person you'll meet . She may not be the prettiest , but she never lacked of confidence , like a princess . She was beautiful in her on way however , like a rose , a mixture of danger and gentelness . She always wears a smile , despite the hard times , she never lost it . Eventually , she would open up , only to the most special ones . Always there for her friends and family , she was the strongest of the strongest meantally , stubborn as a rock , fiery in every way and wittiest of them all . She always has a way of communicating , straight to the point , but despite all tht there will always be compassion .

A foodie at her best . She loves food almost as much as she loves the calming effect long drives give her . Mountains , books, the blue of the sky , and the sea always calmed her no matter the situation .

In short , if you find a Kirtigah , never let her go for that is your greatest lost . Take care of her , for she may never show but may need it at certain times . Trust her , she will always care for you . Praise her , for insecurities may sometimes eat her up . All in all , love her , she will forever make you laugh , through her wittiness , and keep you happy despite it all and no matter how hurt she is , she will always be there .
Damn , thank you for always being there for me Kirtigah .

Kirtigah , would you like to have lunch with me ?

Kirtigah , you are beautiful .
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by Mì Belleza April 23, 2018
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