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a child who lives in the homezone which is situated in wolverhampton in the fordhouse area these children are mostly tramps or of poor backgrounds and walk around with food all round their mouths and shoes with no laces and hang me downs also known as ultimate shotsthey also smell terrible and have no shame in what they do and how they do it
"yo look at dem kipling kids bess move up dey myt try nd rob ur laces"

"haha u joka, der all lil tramps ill jus smack em in der gumz"
by J0nny M4ck August 05, 2006
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a child that lives on kipling road with about 16 other brothers and sisters. these ppl walk round with yesterdays dinner round there mouths and no shirts on as it is there brothers turn to wear the clothes. they have no laces watch out they might take yours they are known for it.
watch your laces dat kipling kid is lukin over here
by nappa August 11, 2006
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