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Meaning, "Cunt you".Generally used at the end of sentences whilst in the company of friends or comfortable acquaintances.Heard mostly in North County Dublin/Fingal.Is the merging of Kint (cunt) and You (ye/cha). usually preceeded with You/Ye/Ya/Fuckin'. ye kintcha
"Didja just scheme me last tin tin of bav ye kintcha?"
Translation: "have you just robbed my final can of bavaria you cunt you?"

"i did'n'all,sure ye steamed me last bliff,owe me 12 beans,and anyway,cotton mouth t'bits like"
Translation:"yes,you are correct with your assumption,but in my defence,you have robbed my last marijuana cigerette,you currently owe me 12 euro,and finally,my mouth and throat are very dry as a result of the mind bending pot i have been inhaling"
by ArdLad April 03, 2011
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