the name of my ideal woman. she is kind, fair, and beautiful. she is also with someone else, a guy who has nothing in common with her and doesn't appreciate her the way i did.
You could be watching for Kinleys your entire life and no matter the sacrifice she will be worth it. If you ever find such a girl, don't ever let go.
by marley February 17, 2004
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Kinley is the most beautiful girl you could ever meet. She is very intelligent, kind,amazing, self absorbed at times and any thing that is used to describe great. Kinely will love you so much, and you will too!She might not show it much,but she dose. When ever you need her she will be there by your side.

I would use her name to describe out of this world.
" I need Kinley right now"
" Dang Kinely is out of this world!"
by Eve Darkbloom February 08, 2017
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A preppier, less alcohol-dependant version of an Erin. A Kinley loves to drink, dance, and will get down and dirty whenever she feels like it. However, unlike an Erin, she will not get drunk and party at places like school or while babysitting toddlers.
I've bagged 3 Kinleys and 5 Erins in the past week.
This party is crawling with Kinleys.
by McCin Robusto November 18, 2003
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Kinley: Kinley is a person who loves sports. She especially loves hockey boys so she is a puck slut. She has a soft heart for a lad named Joel Edmundson. Hockey boys make her heart pound faster than the boy that loves her (Jack Miller). Poor jack :(
Kinley you puck slut!
by koolkid696969 May 19, 2019
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A sorta sweet girl, who can be very quiet at first, but won't shut up when you meet her, she usually plays a sport, soccer most likely. She also does OK at school..Maybe like A's, B's, and a few C's, she might also be in band, usually a french horn or trumpet.
Look at her, I wish I was a Kinley
by HeyThereBroski November 16, 2018
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She is the most amazing girl out there. She is friendly, smart, funny af, and so much more(there is too much to say). She is a great friend and has been. She is very trusty when needed or over all. She is HELLA PRETTY🤩 and her nickname is saggy tits
Kinley is the bestest.
by Thehehehbe August 21, 2019
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