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kingswag defines the specific type of swag associated with a baller, and or a person of royalty or more specifically kings. Those who have kingswag generally don't give a fuck about surfs, taxes, other countries, jesters, bitches, school, the environment, spending gold, killing the innocent, and bitches. Also, those who have attained kingswag earned it through: being the heir to the throne, killing a king, banging princesses and queens, being the juggernaut bitch, having enough money to buy enough people that you can create you own basketball league and name all the teams the Lakers and name all the players Kobe Bryant.
surf 1: look at that rich mutha fucka buying up all the land and taking all the bitches
surf 2: hey! that's my wife! come back here bitch!
king: get the fuck off my land you broke sons of bitches! I'm the juggernaut bitch, go make me a sammich
surf 1: you vile mutha fucka you took everything from us
king: you better shut the fuck or imma take your feet nigga
surf 2: this guy doesn't give one fuck about shit, his kingswag has consumed him
king: take those nigga's feet, imma put them on a chain
surfs: ah fuck, run!
king: hahahahaha! i'm the baddest mother fucka in the universe, you can't stop me
by king of ballin June 19, 2013
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