Kingflapjack is a popular creator on tiktok that makes videos of random shit and destroys thots
Guy #1: Hey dude have you heard about Kingflapjacks.
Guy #2: What the pandcake?
by Welcometothe.club October 27, 2019
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King flapjacks is a chill dude who makes tic toks and I said friends with chromie.
Becky:oh my god have you met kingflapjacks?
Anne:yeah he’s super cute but not as cute as chromie.

Becky:king flapjacks and chromie are just friends
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by Peppa69hydroflaskskkskskloveya November 16, 2019
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Thot:makes video being a thot
Kingflapjacks:hold my computer

Kingflapjacks:Wait give that back I need to edit
by Gh0sty October 28, 2019
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