King Kullen is a large grocery store manily located in Longisland New York. Founed my Michael Cullen, they claim to be "Americans Fist Supermarket!". Their theme song plays raidly throught out the day, and gets stuck in your head to the point where killing yourself is a good idea. Their prices are a little more expensive than others, but do double the couponds. The gorcery store employees are all 16 year old girls and middle aged women who look completley miserable while they ask for "paper and plastic", but no matter what you say, they'll just give you plastic. Any young man that works there, are the stock boys who do nothing but steel the food that they are stocking. The store does have its quircks though. Every 20 mins or so, the song "Singing in the Rain" is played while the vegtable sprinklers are turnned on. The store is even decorated for every single American holiday, and are also open for every holiday. All and all, the employees are a drab, but the store isnt that bad.
Jen-"Welcome to King Kullen, do you have any couponds?"
Coustomer-"Hello, and why yes i do! Thank you for reminding me!"
Jen-"Ugh God damn it."
by Jesselyn May 1, 2008
An alcoholic beverage made with a 25-cent King Kullen brand canned soda and a flavored vodka -- ie: chocolate flavored vodka and King Kullen cream soda
"Man, I was totally messed up last night. Those King Kullen Killas went down like water."
by Delicious Nails February 3, 2008