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a kindersmear is the state of your face when you have applied your make-up and lipstick so poorly due to affects of drunkenness or making out and/or exhaustion that you end up looking like an extra from whatever happened to baby jane the movie.

Looking like your 3 and getting into mommys' make up.
Putting on makeup and looking like a toddler did it, when in fact your on the wrong side of 25. ( and in fact may have worn girl scout dresses in h.s.)
I was so drunk when I kissed that boy named Norman, I forgot I had applied Nars red lizard and ended up with a huge kindersmear on my lips, cheek and chin.

The bar had no mirror in the bathroom, and I was forced to put on my lipstick without any visual help, while my friends let me walk and talk with a kindersmear for over an hour without telling me.
by Cindy Shouts January 03, 2014
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