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The relationship someone has with a younger partner; usually over 3 years apart and is used in the context of high school or college relationships.
OMG, you're going out with a freshman? What a kinderlove.
by Princess lover September 01, 2006
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a boyfriend/girlfriend that is sugnificantly(SP?) younger than the other person in the relationship. Kinderlove-lovers always find themselves drive around, buy alcohol and/or cigarettes, x-rated movies etc. for the kinderloves for they are too young to live to see any of the above. Today kinderloves are very common. but its okay. Kinderloves are usually desired & surprizingly appetizing b.c they express naiive behaviors and will do anything for you...if you know what i mean. AND they are automatically whiped because you are the high and mighty "way-too-old boy/girl friend"(AKA kinderlover).
TED: "what is mark doing tonight?"

BOB: "He went to pickup his kinderlove katie up from tea ball practice"

TED: "sick."

BOB: "yea hes prolly slamming her right now"

TED: "lucky bitch..when does daycare start up again?"
by niptuck September 01, 2006
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