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Kimbraiel's are known to be the average prettyness of most girls. Kimbraiel's are not really talkative at first, but if your her friend, your lucky because she only talks to you. If you find a Kimbraiel, your very lucky because her name is very rare. Kimbraiel's usually have any shade of brown hair with Hazel eyes or multi colored eyes. In one year, at least 2 people have a crush on her and wish she liked them back. Kimbraiel's only like people who don't like her back, sadly. But if you meet a girl named Kimbraiel, try to talk to her and most likely be her friend, because she will have a different friend faster if you wait a few days.
Keelicity - It's so hard to be Kimbriel's friend!

Kimbraiel - You wanted to be my friend?
Keelicity - Yes, for a year, but you were too shy to even talk to me when I was talking to you.
Kimbraiel - Oh....Want to be my friend?
Keelicity - Yes!!!!
Kimbraiel - Too late.
by Kimbraiel June 09, 2017
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