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The place you would never find even with the best American satellite or gps. Kimbridge has been completely devoured by tabacco farms. Kids start chewing/ dipping at the prime age of 3. They live the moto 'somethings got to kill you' and chew and drink moon shine until their mouths and livers gove out. Kimbridge is home to plenty of crystal meth plants and crack houses. The town consists of one gases station and basically nothing else, if you really want to party you better head over to Dundus , thats where you can dick all the hot chicks (no not the animal you farm freak don't get too excited). If you end up going to school there (should be classified as a large party) you will beable to go on the famous beach week where you literally can do whatever you want. Some examples are; you can dick as many girls as you want, snort peach moonshine (no you will not be considered gay if you do drink it) or jerking the chain on the beach for unsuspected beach goers to step on. Basically a normal day is hunting while drunk for long periods of time, basically you are never sober. I almost forgot it is acceptable to drive drunk, just remember to hit the minimal amount of tree with your diesel truck that is pointlessly huge and loud. I hope you come visit we won't be going anywhere anytime soon, literally we only like it here.
Guy 1: You want to go to Kimbridge this weekend.
Guy 2: Hell ya, I wanna dick all the girls I see and get drunk, I mean somethings got to kill you!
by Kimbridge April 23, 2018
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