A game, popularized by the TV show "30 Rock," played by two or more people. Game participants trade off selecting three individuals (they may be living, dead, and/or fictional) for the other participants to either "Kill, Boff, or Marry." Each participant must then say whether or not they would kill, boff, or marry each of the selected individuals. Individuals to kill, boff, or marry are usually selected to fit the participants sexual orientation. The best game results are usually obtained when individuals who are unattractive, disliked by others, and/or old are selected to categorize.
Jim says to Jane, "Kill Boff Marry - George W. Bush, Dane Cook, and Quasimodo." Jane responds, "This is a tough one Jim, but I'd kill Dane Cook because he's an unfunny asshole, I'd boff Bush, but it would be spiteful in a hate-fuck sort of way, and I'd marry Quasimodo because overall he seems like a good guy."
by Samwar May 29, 2008
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