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Kept In (the) Dark, Fed On Horseshit.

Military in derevation, it can be used as either a noun or a verb. It refers to the habit of entirely too many officers (the higher the rank, the more likely to pull this) to not tell the troops a damn thing about what's going on and/or what they will soon be ordered to do .. =and= feeding them nothing but horseshit to keep them guessing. Lousy way to mess with morale, and if you accompany the troops in what you want them to do .. not very condusive to your continued good health.....

The =VERY= "unauthorized" patch for this is a red-n-white mushroom within a circle of the initials. Hence, wearers being known as members of the mushroom club.
"What's their problem? They're a kidfoh unit."

"Watch out for that asshole - he'll kidfoh you in a hearbeat and -then- leave you flappin'!"
by Sgt Draggi February 12, 2008
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