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Kibi is the most beautiful nickname for someone with a “k” name. Kibi is very pretty yet nobody takes kibi seriously, except if she is taking about food. Kibi can achieve any makeup look kibi wants and is extremely creative and artistic. Kibi can stand up for herself and if anyone try’s to get her down or stereotype kibi, kibi can fight through it. Kibi has been through so many things but has formed from them into a beautiful person. Kibi has the most loyal friends and appreciate kibi in everyway possible. You will want to be friends with a kibi because she won’t let you down unless you offend anyone she loves. It takes a awhile for kibi to warm up to people but she is so fun once you get to know kibi<3 kibi loves her friends so much you don’t even know! Kibi is usually friends with people who or the exact age or 1 year older. Kibi is so loving you would always want to be around a kibi. Kibi has a hard time finding a perfect person to love though. Kibi tends to lazy unless she is ready and then she is energetic and dancing to the best music. Thanks for ready about kibi. I love you guys<3<3<3
“Do you want to hangout with kibi today?”

Kibi was so funny yesterday”

“Kibi is so beautiful”
by _nickle_ May 24, 2018
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