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Kibasalango is cocktail of dances. A type of music and dance originally developed by the famous Amriko Fahmiko in 2014. It is characterized as uptempo, energetic, and danceable. Kibasalango began in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. Initially, was sampled traditional latino music like Salsa, Caribbean Bachata from Dominican Republic , and also Kizomba from Angola, and also some great influence of Tango form Argentina. The mix of these dances is laid around a fast 4/4 beat.

The Kibasalango is very similar to the Kizomba rhythm. The lyrics are in Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic.
Let's dance Kibasalango!
This guy is a great Kibasalanguero
The girl is a really good Kibasalanguera
by AHF September 24, 2014
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