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The most positively annoying guy on earth! but he can be fun to be around, he is smart but is also very forgetful and always forgets things to class. He is into to sport but this also means that he always sleeps in class. Hes one of those kids that always steals and forgets his pens. He is strong and always wins in arm resells. Kiarn is not afraid of challenging people, but also has tact and knows when to be kind and sensitive. He is always prideful and never backs down from anything unless it is life and death. He (unlike most people) randomly asks out the ugliest and weirdest girls in the planet. Over all he is a fun guy, who can be annoying but you get used to him. Having someone like him in your life makes you very lucky.
Ella: you know that kiarn is sooooooooo annoying !
Nat : yeh why do you hang out with him?!
Gabby: because sometime the annoying things become super funny .
by lia~phantom March 08, 2018
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