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Just 90mins drive south of Sydney is the bog town of Kiama. It homes many of Australias well known drug dealers, rapists and peadophiles (ie. man with small dog lerking in the bushes or the caravan at the train station)
Offering scenery you won't forget and memories to last you a lifetime, such as 12 year old girls shooting up at 'Surf Beach' before covering there nipples in alcohol and letting there 43 year old boyfriends lick it off or drunk teenage boys probing each others anus's in the public toilets.
The local high school consists mainly of red haired children who in appearance could be mistaken with wild goats. The youths of Kiama are hooligans and sperm can often be seen dribbling from the corner of their mouths.
The main attraction of Kiama is the famous 'Blow Hole'. All year round it is swarming with bus loads of asians. But during the night is when the fun really begins when many men aka as wogs/hoons, from wollongong come down in search of some tight young underage pussy. Used condoms and sperm litters the pathways and tables around the blow hole.
The Kiama area has all the ingredients for the perfect holiday- If your idea of a perfect holiday consists of your children turning to drugs and anal.

Old Man "Let's cruise to Kiama and spy on some of dem young chicks at da beach bra."
by Concerned Resident April 09, 2008
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