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By name he is known to nearly half of the civilized world as Usman Altaf, or UAH, he is known by other names too. This word has multiple meanings. In Punjabi, a khoutah (self-referencial) means a donkey, literally.
Usman Altaf bears remarkable resemblance to a donkey for a human (if the word human is to be considered a broad word). His perseverence, adamant-ness, melodious braying sound, and most of all obsession with this word itself almost begs the non-conformist to agree to this self-evident axiom that he is, in fact, /the/ Khoutah.
O Khoutah, tainu ugg laggay.

Traditionalistic: UAH, is he a Khoutah?
Heretic: Mark my words, my heresy; he is, by all that is Holy, a Toutah.
by Madiyaan February 09, 2005
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