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A beautiful girl who likes to be babied ,but can also be aggressive. She likes hood niggas . She stay down for you if you keep it 1hunnit . She loves to be all up under you and always by your side. She seems to always have a mean face but under that is a gorgeous smile that she likes to embrace.Shes so goofy and likes to have fun. If you ever have a chance to be with her than don't mess that up.
by well wat ever June 18, 2018
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Khalise thinks she is ugly at times but at other times she is the prettiest thing in the world and she is.She is so annoying but very funny.She is sometimes very sensitive and takes things the wrong way you have to make sure you talk to her every 5 minutes or she will think you don't love her no more.Extremely freaky to someone shes in a relationship with but it will take time. Khalise is sweet at times but always harassing somebody and always twerking,but overall a amazing person.
khalise always twerking
Khalise stop hitting Joshua!
by kekzeez April 20, 2018
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The baddest bitch ever. Thinks she’s ugly but actually could tyn you at any moment. All her exes miss her but she dubs them 25/8. So annoying but very funny and hyper.
“I want a girlfriend

Get you a Khalise
by dicksuckaaa June 10, 2018
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