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Keylah is a beautiful young girl that falls in love easily, she has many guys wanting her but god is just writing her story so its perfect..
She's hilarious and knows how to have a good joke.
Friends- wow that keylahs so naturally beautiful

"That is sucha a keylah''

P.s she's good a qwuefing..
That keylah, she can go far in love, loves to party, loves her friends, respectful
by yaknowhowisayit February 19, 2012
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Very bisexual and hilarious. Makes people laugh and smile when she's around. Acts tough but it actually really sensitive and all she wants is love and for people to show that they care. Very smart and tries very hard to study and get decent grades. Keylah has a beautiful soul. She's kind. Generous. She's a lover not a fighter but she'll fight for what she loves.
"Keylah is so amazing"
by Lucy (fir) January 29, 2018
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