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amazing , wonderful , great , loving , caring , friendly , hilarious , crazy , energetic , cool , chill , fantastic x talented , beautiful , gorgeous , pretty , cute , descent , brilliant , smart , evil don't mess with her she'll make you miserable. All the boys want her Like names of Tyler and coby and maybe a few girls like Marian and Maggie.
I want to hang with keyari!
I wish I was keyari!
let's go hate on keyari !
by luvidton December 20, 2015
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A perfect intelligent girl. She’s amazing when it comes to school work, and is popular from her connections and friends in school. She is very unique, and doesn’t mind her hater’s. Many people are very jealous of her, but she chooses to ignore it. She’s kind, but has a mean side. She is also very beautiful, and all the boys get lost in her gorgeous eyes. If you ever get a Keyari, don’t lose her.
Boy: Who is that hottie with the pretty eyes?

Boy 2: That’s Keyari, she’s the shiz.

Girl: OMG! I wish she was my BFF.

Boy3: I just broke up with Keyari.

Boy4: Your gonna regret that.
by Usuckyorkiehaters May 31, 2018
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