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when southwest airlines kick you off a flight a flight for no reason and then make up a bullshit story about it to cover their own asses.
I just got kicked off a flight for no reason, I've been kevin smith'd
by Ilikeadickinmymouth January 23, 2011
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The guy (or gal) sitting next to you on a long flight who's body protrudes beyond their seat invading your personal (and paid for) space making the trip uncomfortable/awkward/unpleasant/torturous.

Almost to the point where you wish the plane would go down for more room or choosing to spend the entire flight duration in the lav just to get some space.

Love the guy's work, just wouldn't want to sit next to him on a long flight.

I'd like to smoke on my flights but that isn't comfortable for other passengers, should they suffer so I'm happy?

See also; web whiner / chasing space / Jay and Space Hoggin' Bob / twitter whiner / Faceboo-hooer
1.) I just flew in from LAX, what the crap, I got Kevin Smith'd all 5 hours. I'm covered in sweat and it's not even mine.

2.) Why is the right side of your shirt all wrinkled? I got Kevin Smith'd on my flight from SAN to DTW!

3.) How was your trip? My arm is still numb from getting Kevin Smith'd all the way from Dallas, what a faceboo-hooer.
by stinkbuttboy February 16, 2010
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