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This is an affectionate nickname used to identify a supporter of Senator John F. Kerry. It is a term coined by Kerry supporters to refer to themselves and to one another.

Kerrycrats have several Internet home bases where they congregate to discuss current events, politics and John Kerry. A strong family-like bond has developed among Kerrycrats due to the fact that they are united by common interests and concerns. Kerrycrats come from a variety of backgrounds and a variety of locations including both blue and red states and are primarily progressive and liberal in viewpoint, but can also range to the moderate center of the political spectrum.

In general, most Kerrycrats are wonks who research issues, watch C-Span like most folks watch American Idol, get excited about watching Senate votes or committee hearings and consider themselves political junkies. Many are walking encyclopedias of knowledge about John Kerry and about the political and social issues of concern to America and to the world. Kerrycrats are also strong environmentalists, proponents of Internet freedom and civil liberty. While Kerrycrats are united on many issues, they do not always agree on every issue. There is always a lively discussion when three or more Kerrycrats get together.

There are usually numerous Kerrycrat gatherings around the United States throughout the year, sometimes in Massachusetts or Washington, DC, or wherever the good senator is speaking or appearing. A Kerrycrat enjoys a good speech, full of detail, the longer the better. Many blog the senator's appearances and engage in lengthy discussions afterward.

Kerrycrats are also very politically active and actively campaign for Democrats running for office around the country. While most Kerrycrats are Democrats, there are also a significant number of Independent, Green Party and even a few Republican Kerrycrats.

John Kerry is my hero and I am proud to be a Kerrycrat.
by JK is MY Prez April 22, 2007
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