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Kerria is a wonderful girl who's is very funny,smart, talented, loving she is also a girl who everybody needs to meet she is a girl who dont care what people thinks about her she is also nice she sometimes get mad very easily she has a lot of friends people who be mean to her is really dumb and its a lot more you can say about Kerria
Kerria is very smart.
by That bhadie August 06, 2017
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Kerria is fine asf. She got a fat pussy with some fat titties. She had flawless skin and big juicy lips. She don’t take bs from nobody and she quick to beat both Genders because her hands are bisexual. She’s goofy and sexy and has a big mouth and a ugly laugh. She is your dream girl
Damn there go Kerria fine ass
by Kerriia June 04, 2018
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Kerria is a girl that don’t give af. Can care less about what u saying. She has a lot of hair all natural. She don’t chase u, u chase her tf. She is the type of girl if she had a problem with u she is the type that’s going to address it. She a Capricorn born on December 25, 2006/Christmas 🥳.
Kerria is a loyal person. Perioddt. 💞
by Geneva Grogon November 30, 2018
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