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Kenzel is the typical bad boy in your school, he is the kind of guy who has sex with girls and then leaves them as nothing but he is a very good friend and very handsome, he is very smart and knows how to defend himself and others. He will make you laugh and have a good time and if you're lucky you will meet a part of him which no one knows.
Guy #1: oh you mean kenzel hell yeah man thats my homeboy
Guy #2:I dont like him we fought once and i had to go to the hospital.
Girl #1: kenzel omg we had sex and we're totally going to date one day.
Girl #2: kenzel you are totally tripping he is so mine.
Main girl: keep talking hoes kenzel is better than that he is super sweet and caring.
by Keepingupwthekardashians November 23, 2016
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