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Abbreviation from the phrase 'Fucking having it'

As used by Chris Liberator in the 1997 tune titled 'avin it ere':
"I read the other day that techno was dead. Dunno what party they were at, cause it's fuckin' 'avin' it 'ere!"

When this classic British phrase was adopted by Australians (Strayans), a people who prefer that their language is less formal/cumbersome, it was accordingly refined to the more simplistic: 'kenavinit'.

To the untrained eye (probably French) it may appear that Ken is the only one 'avin it (i.e. "Who is Ken and where is he 'avin it?"), but in fact it can be used by anyone of any name to describe their own situation, as well as to describe groups of revelers who are collectively 'avin it (called Ken or otherwise).

'Kenavinit' is always spelt with an 'i' rather than an 'e', just as you would never say 'kin oath'. If required, please consult a friendly Strayan for further clarification.
Dazza: Hey Thomo, how shit hot was that piss up at Jimbo's?

Thomo: Kenavinit maaaate!
by Yeah Fuck Yeah January 17, 2011
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