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The meaning of Keleni is a person who is beautiful in the inside and out. They have insecurities, but they don't let that get too them. They have a great personality. Laughing is the main thing they do. Keleni always have a smile on there face and it's amazing. They are really nice, loving, and caring. Keleni will stick with you for the rest of humanity. She could be the greatest best friend ever. If you don't know a keleni, then you are missing out, big time. I know one and she is full of these facts. Its amazing. They are also very athletic
Chen: I saw this one girl at the store, I think she was Tongan but boyy! she was fine, so full of spirit and always had a smile on her face.
Sione: oh! sole you must be talking about Keleni.

Lucy: I met this one tongan girl and boy, she was amazeballs at volleyball
Lufene: oh! you must be talking about Keleni, oh girl! you don't want to get in her way :)
by That_One_Polyy November 20, 2013
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Someone who you want to punch and flip off so badly but other people are around
Oh my gosh that girl is such a Keleni! She's just asking to get punched.
by BetterDenYou November 20, 2016
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