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An individual who has an extreme fear of, or aversion to, the following:
protecting national borders and identity
normal heterosexual couples
cartoon frogs
minorities who don't depend on the government for sustenance

The word kekophobe comes from the root word "Kek", who is the frog-like god of ancient Egypt. Kek is depicted in hieroglyphs as a person in front of a computer creating meme magic. Thus Kek was a prophecy of the Great Meme War which propelled Donald Trump into presidency. It is only natural that the alt-left would thus hate Kek and everything that Trump and his many supporters stand for.

Kekophobes are very unimaginative and they declare anybody who disagrees with them is a racist. They also like to think that anyone who doesn't agree with them is a fascist. This is not true, however, because the with the left-wing kekophobes attempt to control all media silence anyone who doesn't agree with the them — both of which are the embodiment of fascism.
Guy 1: Did that cunt Hitlery Clinton just call Pepe a racist symbol?
Guy 2: Yeah, calling everyone a racist is literally the alt-left's only strategy. What a kekophobe.
by Kekistani Warrior April 25, 2017
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