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A freaky black man who is hung like a donkey. He is a god amongst men. He has all of the moves and is prone to making women cry for joy after a sexual encounter.
He made her get off, just like a Keishawn!
by Sally14 December 23, 2007
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Keishawn is a great young man who is loyal and verry handsome. He is always trying to make someone's day and it always works his smile is incredibly amazing he is soooo handsome and when he tells you that he loves it liked you, you will never ever find him flirting with some other girl he is a little freaky tho but it coo and if you are ever having a bad day he makes sure youll end it smilingā¤ all tho I think him and that beautiful girl daesha would be a amazing couple I ain't even gon fake
Keishawn is so loyal
by Unknown member of westview mdd November 14, 2016
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