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terrifying yet intriguing youtube sensation, possibly a midget of no determinate age. pretends to sing top 40 songs while opening his eyes as wide as possible.
keenan cahill ruined katy perry for everyone.
by evshaft October 22, 2010
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An internet sensation that has become famous through videos of him lip-syncing to popular songs. He has become a target for cyber bullying and hate messages because of his strange appearance.

Keenan Cahill is a 16 year old teenager with an extremely rare disease named "Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome". Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome prevents the victim from growing past the age of 8, which explains his apearance. Contrary to popular belief, this disease does not usually include mental retardation. Sadly, along with this disease comes a very high chance of heart failure.

This teenager has become an internet sensation by posting videos of him lip-syncing, and rarely, singing. What makes his videos unique is the amount of energy he puts into lip-syncing; his videos usually include extreme head-bobbing and facial expressions, in a manner similar to the "Numa Numa Guy".

But, his big break came when a popular rapper named "50 Cent" discovered his videos, and decided to guest star in one of his videos. The video rapidly gained popularity, and eventually earned Keenan an interview in an American late night comedy talk show named "Chelsea Lately". These greatly contributed to Keenan's success.
by Skyrocketeer March 25, 2011
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