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used by sad chavs or charvas. It is just baisicaly another way to say 'come on' but chavs decided to change it.
Keemon i just had a tab.

HAHA a just got served for drink. KEEMON
by krisssssss December 07, 2007
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Keemons are usually nice guys, rare to find, and one of a kind. He usually stays to himself, but will speak his mind whenever he has to. If you have a guy named Keemon in your life, keep him he’s going to be a once in a lifetime friend.
Keemon is really loyal.
by Blue gravy45 May 16, 2018
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Keemons are normally tall with good eyes. They are cool as fuck to be around but don’t really like to draw attention,”. people think they’re mean people at first sight but when you meet them they become once in a lifetime friends if you have a Keemon in your life, Keep him.
People know that Keemon is dumb loyal.
by SaintNick71 May 16, 2018
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