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Is the realest bih love to fight very pretty playful sometimes hateful love kids and don’t get on her bad side
Keasia She will kill a bih best believe
by Jamauricopeland April 13, 2018
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She will beat you up with no problem πŸ–•πŸ½
Ohhh killem Ke'Asia
by Jvyccuh April 05, 2017
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The most bhaddest girl you will meet she has high goals and respects others feelings. She is the most loyal friend and girlfriend you will have she get jealous quickly but if somebody messes with her she is not afraid to fight 1 on 1 she will make the greatest wife and do everything you want her to do she is trust worthy and just that one person you will fall in love with.
Keasia is so bhadddd🀀
I want a Keasia πŸ’
by Gorsam456 November 28, 2018
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