Keadie is the type of girl that you can bring home to yo momma after the first date and she will still laump the life out of you in the blink of an eye. She’s as sweet as she is sexy and will always comment on how fine your ass is lookin, she might even grab it too...
She came up and whispered in my ear “I hope you have a pair of assless chaps, cause i wanna to see that fine ass of your’s right now”. Before even looking at her, i knew she was a Keadie!!
by Haumptydaumpty September 22, 2019
A sex machine; somebody who has rockstar-like powers.
Man, that guy is like Anthony Kiedis, he's a real Keadys!
by BatmanSpiderman August 16, 2011
A Keady is one who feels that the best way to learn is by already knowing it all in the first place. Why make notes easy to understand when they can be made gibberish instead?

You would call your worst enemy a Keady, and probably get your face smashed in for it too......
"wow, that gay porn film has heaps of Keady's in it"

"OMG, he has a 12 inch Keady!"

"I Keady'd my mum, and now i am in jail"

by Bulby June 8, 2007